Split release with Trash Art!

Speaking from the days when the wounds of betrayal still bleed, ADJ are quickly described as the upstarts, the idealistic youth -not yet too jaded to care. Fully anchored in the days where the moment is everything, this is where the bruises still hurt, and friends are true until the end. ADJ aren’t busy trying to become hipsters, writing fighting anthems, or pushing an extreme political agenda down your throat. Instead they play modern hardcore punk rock and tell it like they feel it – passionate, unpretentious, and true to themselves. No posturing, no haircuts, and no bullshit.

Track Listing:
  The Here After
  3’s A Crowd
  Love Songs In Lipstick
  One Hell of a Ride
  Snake Eyes
  Fire It Up
  Search for the Snow Leopard

Pressing Information: 
1000 CDs

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