TJR007: NOW DENIAL “Power To The Mountain” LP/CD

Skate punk for metal kids, thrash for stoners. Now Denial seamlessly blend assorted genres and shit out the sweetest smelling pile of rock this side of the mason dixon line. Perfect for fans of screamo and dirty kid hardcore, but don’t like to fuck around with sub-genres so they just call it punk. Punk fucking rock at that.

Track Listing:
  A Murder a Day in Charm City
  Catch a Fucking Unicorn
  We’ve Got the Bullets… Let’s Make Some Holes
  Shit-Talk in the Zen Garden
  This is an Intervention
  The Medium is the Massage
  The Wonders of Modern Architecture

Pressing Information:
  5 test presses
  400 coke-bottle clear vinyl
  100 yellow vinyl
  1000 CDs (500 included in 12″s and 500 sold seperatly)

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