TJR008: THEY AND THE CHILDREN “Thoughts On Becoming A Ghost” CD

Connecticut DIY hardcore mainstays They and the Children offer up a six-song attack of crushing vocals, dense and searing guitar work, and bombastic drumming. Tackling a variety of styles, they seemlessly incorporate thrashing fast parts, huge riffs and melodic interludes, taking cues from bands such as Majority Rule, Isis, and From Ashes Rise. After honing their sound for over two years playing with everybody from Melt Banana to Mono, Ampere to Dead Meadow, these five dudes can rip some seriously devasting and epic hardcore.

Track Listing:
  A Measure Of Worth
  Second Thoughts A Second Too Late
  ‘Active Vs. Passive’ Carries On
  Darkness Swam Over
  Exchanged Glances
  Unstable Structures

Pressing Information: 
1000 CDs

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