Three of Providences’s loudest, fastest, and most in your face bands team up for this onslaught on your ear drums. Third Death brings skate punk to a new level with 10 tracks. A.T.O. takes more of a political punk route and provides 2 tracks to open your mind. Hulk Out has 6 tracks of down and dirty punk hardcore where speed and power are counted over all. The record comes with a hand letterpressed packaging by Meg Summercamp and a sick etching on the B-side by Nik Hulk Out….that’s right all of those 18 songs fit on side A!!!!

Track Listing:
    Third Death:
  Skate Mouth
  Until Death
  Fuck Buddy
  Late Night Sessions
  Time With You
  Skate Crew
  Acid Drop
  Dumpster Dive
  People Change
  Lights Stay On
    All Those Opposed:
  Capitol Games
  Under God
    Hulk Out:
  The Rhode Island Smoking Ban Is An Epic Piece Of Legislation
  The Sharks Are A Legitimate Association Of Likeminded Bicyclists
  Chan’s Brother Is A Cyborg And I Think That’s Fucking Rad
  The Lead Singers Of Your Favorite Bands Are Probably Assholes
  If You Lost 125lbs You’d Write A Song About It Too, Asshole
  Every Day I Pray For Zombies (Dry Poop)/White Lightning

Pressing Information:
  15 test presses (w/hand stenciled packaging)
  47 solid green vinyl (available from Hulk Out only)
  50 solid orange vinyl (available from A.T.O. only)
  48 solid grey vinyl (availble from Third Death only)
  3 solid pink vinyl
  1 clear red vinyl
  104 solid white vinyl (16 in pre-order packaging)
  242 black vinyl

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