TJR012: NOW DENIAL “Facemelter” CD

In an age where ‘heavy’ so often means the droning drudge of endless E-chords and ‘aggression’ refers to puffed-up posturing that withers outside of the walls of the studio, Now Denial rends progressive metal, hardcore, and blues-rock into a blood-and-spit soaked mess, then slams them back together with the cacophony of an 18-wheeler pile-up. Tuneful but rarely melodic, soulful but never soft, this is screamy, guitar-driven, head-banging punk/hardcore at its best. Put on a bib before you drop the needle because you will be wiping melted pieces of face off of your shirt otherwise: Facemelter delivers on its promise.

Track Listing:
  Notes From Americantown
  Days of Rage
  Sleazy Livin’
  Genius Einstein from Hell Meets the Wolfman on Steroids
  Emergency Crisis
  The Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of
  We Follow the Night (On the Wings of Thunder)

Pressing Information: 
1000 eco-pack CDs

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