TJR017 WEAK TEETH “What A Plague You Are” LP

Split release with Flannel Gurl Records

After relentless touring in 2010 and 2011, Providence’s Weak Teeth have finally taken over your turntable with their new LP: “What A Plague You Are”. Hardcore has really fallen apart these days, and these four nimrods are here to pick up the pieces. Featuring guest vocals from members of Learn, She Rides, Two Funerals, Wow Owls, and more. These eleven songs combine melody with destruction, asinine song titles, and to-the-point lyrics; all in under 24 minutes. Honestly, what else could you ask for? Oh, and they still hate you.

Track Listing:
  With Love, From The Great War
  New Theaters From The Common Man
  Repetition Implies Importance, Implies Importance
  Facebath 2: Hyperface
  Get A Life, Read A Book, Eat A Dick
  Awexome Cross ’98
  It’s Nice To Talk To Someone With The Same Void
  No One Is That “Going To Hell” More Than Us
  Arson Daily
  What A Plague You Are
  Blue Skies, Shit Life

Pressing Information:
7 test presses (hand silk-screened packaging)
  First Press
49 green mable with black smoke (Flannel Gurl Records exclusive)
55 translucent blue with black smoke (Weak Teeth exclusive)
52 baby blue marble (Tor Johnson Records exclusive/5 with pre-order silk-screened packaging)
1 white
143 black
  Second Press
50 translucent gold with white haze (Flannel Gurl Records exclusive)
49 solid white with green haze (Weak Teeth exclusive)
51 translucent purple (Tor Johnson Records exclusive)
150 black

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