This is for all of you. Thanks for all your support. The record has unreleased songs from Saint Jude, Pretty Faces, Now Denial, & A Fine Boat That Coffin. The download has even more goodies from Weak Teeth, Jesuscentric, and more. Features hand screened artwork designed by Providence’s infamous Scoots of CultureVoid.

Track Listing:
  Saint Jude – The Great Finality (unreleased)
  Now Denial – We Bite (Misfits/recorded live on Record Hospital)
  Pretty Faces – War Of The Elephants (originally released on a split 7″ with Kodan Armada)
  A Fine Boat, That Coffin – Redefinition Of Molecules By The Beat Of The Madman’s Drum (unreleased)
Download Extras
  Weak Teeth – Killers (unreleased)
  Jesuscentric – Death Sandwich (unreleased)
  Now Denial – Horror Business (Misfits/recorded live on Record Hospital)
  Closer Than Kin – Skull (Misfits/off the unreleased TJR002)
  The Defeat – The Battle Of Britain
    -I Hope We Know Each Other For The Rest Of Our Lives
    -The Brightest Black Stars
    -The Bottom Of The Stairs
    -You & I (off the unreleased TJR003)

Pressing Information:
5 test presses
300 random mixed marble

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