TJR020: BEST PRACTICES “Sore Subjects” 7″

Split release with Willow Tree Records

Crafted over a mild winter, Providence, RI’s Best Practices return with Sore Subjects. Some of the members have called the sophomore effort “a natural progression” from their debut The EP LP, released on Tiny Engines last year. Other members are more concerned with Poco Loco Tacos to be trifled with such nonsense as reflection. Clocking in around 11 minutes with 4 songs, Sore Subjects is a taste of something equal parts familiar, refreshing, aggressive, and passionate. Narcs need not apply.

Track Listing:
Home For Halloween
Never 100%

Pressing Information:
20 test presses (5 with “family” packaging, 15 with “May 4th” packaging)
57 brown marble (Tor Johnson Records exclusive, 10 with pre-order wood burned packaging)
50 white (Willow Tree Records exclusive)
50 green marble (Best Practices exclusive)
143 black

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