TJR026: DEATH TO TYRANTS “untitled” 7″

Death to Tyrants hadn’t played together for six years when they were asked to do a set at the Ampere 10 Year Anniversary Show in 2012. Dusting off the old laboratory and getting the machinery humming and whirring again was easier than they thought, and once the cobwebs were cleared, things began to rip. Now, a couple years later, they are ready to unleash their first recordings since Wake Up & Be. From controlled chaos to mellower frequencies, this three song ep has them firing on all cylinders with songs for fans of everything from This Will Destroy You to Hot Cross; the consummate scientists.

Track Listing:
  St. Louis
  The Uncanny Valley
  So Far Above Sea Level

Pressing Information:
  5 “noisey” test presses (silk screened chipboard jackets)
  5 “clean” test presses (stamped sleeves)
  52 blue/white swirl vinyl (Tor Johnson exclusive)
  52 clear vinyl (Death To Tyrants exclusive)
  200 black vinyl

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