TJR028: LUNGLUST “As Guilt Collects Dust” Cassette

“LUNGLUST compels mention and commands attention earned by their sheer seething and determined drive to render their musical messages ever-more deafeningly…singer Jeffrey J. Sykes stands a cut above, barking barrel-chested and richly full-throated poetry with palpable riteousness amidst the hints of progressive hardcore – the galvanizing catalyst igniting the relentlessly bludgeoning concrete whole; someone here can really play the fucking guitar…bright, modern but not distractingly digital production buoying Sykes’ wretch and wail at government, rapist theologies, and spewing revolutionary belligerence that jolts us toward the anthemic and uplifting rock catharsis…”they herd the flock…to damnation…with the flag as scepter…pointing us to FIGHT…” Ah, I can fake retirement happily with young rockers like this tending the vanguard…Oh, and you gotta hear the infectious and haunting relentlessness of Lunglust’s ‘Arrow’ as it ignites your temporarily trapped but still smouldering suburban subconscious rebelliousness. Their collectable cassette, ‘As Guilt Collects Dust’, is forthcoming from Tor Johnson Records.” – Robert from Siege

Track Listing:
  Closed Casket
  Broken Idol

Pressing Information:
  200 purple shell cassettes

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