TJR031: ANEURYSM “Veronica” 7″

Aneurysm is a breath of fresh air to your ears. This Boston band is blending metal, hardcore, and punk rock into a perfect rock & roll concoction. The “Veronica” 45 easily brings memories of spinning SST and Taang records: raw, unpolished, and in your face with fist pumping. Featuring members of The Network and more, Aneurysm is a band to be reconded with and to keep an eye on.

Track Listing:
  Dio, Priest, Maiden
  Handbook For The Recently Diseased

Pressing Information:
  35 test presses
  50 translucent green vinyl (Aneurysm exclusive)
  55 opaque violet vinyl (Tor Johnson Records exclusive)
  200 black vinyl

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