TJR033: MOMENT “Thick & Unwieldy From All Our Layers: A Complete Discography” 2xLP

Split release with All About Records & Teeth Like Swords

This release is over 4 years in the planning. Tor Johnson Records along with All About Records and Teeth Like Swords are releasing a double LP discography from a band named Moment. They were a Boston area band from the late 90s-early 00s. Starting in the suburban VFW/DIY scene, Moment went on to have a huge hand in kickstarting and breathing life into the Boston basement scene. The record comes in a hand letter-pressed and silk-screened chipboard jacket with a hand embossed insert and includes all the music the band ever recorded including unreleased songs.

Track Listing:
LP 1
  Thick & Unwieldy, From All Our Layers
  So Well-Read, Overfed
  Ed Bah & Beyond
  Thirty-Three, Then?
  How I’ve Been Lately
  A History Of Abuse
  Red Army Attack!
  Murder Murder
LP 2
  Dead Starry Eyes
  lights! camera! die!
  Shirts & Skins
  Stop & Shoplift
  My Lunchbox Contains The End Of Your Life
  World’s Worst Couple
  Foam n’ Mesh
  To:Cancer demo version
  Bottlerocket demo version
  untitled demo version

Pressing Information:
  5 test presses w/rejected LP1
  5 test presses w/both accepted & rejected LP1s
  50 pink vinyl LP1 w/random marble LP2 (All About Records exclusive)
  52 opaque blue vinyl LP1 w/random marble LP2 (Teeth Like Swords exclusive)
  48 opaque green vinyl LP1 w/random marble LP2 (Tor Johnson Records exclusive)
  2 translucent yellow vinyl LP1 w/random marble LP2
  348 black vinyl LP1 w/random marble LP2

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