TJR037: RATSTAB “RSD 2017″ 7”

This release is about bring the idea of Record Store Day back to its roots. Back when RSD started it was a chance to get people back into brick & mortar stores. Put out something rad and limited enough that it would be sold out in a day, but only available at actual stores; not webstores, not distros, STORES! That was the entire belief behind this release. Ratstab gives us 5 tracks of raw d-beat punk and we put them on a 7″ lathe cut limited to only 60 copies. We decided to make this an actual piece of art with a silk screened b-side & silk screened mylar sleeves….that’s right, no paper no cardboard, no other packaging! Available on RSD2017 through only Armageddon Providence, Armageddon Boston, and Olympic Records. Our goal is to get people in our LOCAL stores.

Track Listing:
  The Iron Grenadiers
  Nuclear Chaos From Beyond Space
  Pravda Patrol
  Post Apocalyptic Turf War

Pressing Information:
  60 square clear 7″s
w/black ink silkscreened b-side & red ink silkscreened mylar bags

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