TJR040: TWIN FOXES “Sleeping On The Attic Floor” LP

Split release with Midnight Werewolf

Self recorded in the woods of northern Rhode Island, SOTAF contrasts the contemplation of an isolated winter while still capturing the hope of a distant summer. Lyrically it explores the path to self discovery, wrought with pitfalls and atonement when starting anew. Twin Foxes pull from a pallet of sounds- from 90s emo to the heavy fuzz and of shoegaze, and craft them thoughtfully into the songs of Sleeping on the Attic Floor.

Track Listing:
  Hard Ash
  Self Endowed
  Whole Lot Older
  I Need This
  Sleeping On The Attic Floor
  One Hundred Summers

Pressing Information:
  5 test presses
  3 purple starburst
  22 black vinyl (record release weekend exclusive)
  78 coke-bottle clear (label exclusive)
  198 orange

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