UNKNOWN RIVER DRIVER is a post-hardcore band par excellence. Created under the influence of JAWBREAKER, (YOUNG) PIONEERS, POLVO, DRIVE LIKE JEHU, BUILT TO SPILL, NATIVE NOD, and more. Members of RATIONS, FELLOW PROJECT, and BRIDGE AND TUNNEL.

RATIONS NOISE delivers a remixed collage of sonic bits taken from RATIONS’ studio, practice, and live recordings and combines them with terrifying text-to-speech exploring the effects of the US drone war from the following perspectives: Those being bombed, those doing the bombing, those trying to stop it, and those of us whose taxes pay for the bombs. Members of RATIONS, SMALL ARMS DEALER, WAX PHANTOM.

Track Listing:
  Unknown River Driver – Remains
  Unknown River Driver – Isaiah
  Unknown River Driver – Pour
  Unknown River Driver – Song Of The Cicada
  Unknown River Driver – Misery & Liberty
  Rations Noise – Screams Of The Wounded & Dying
  Rations Noise – Litany For Hancock
  Rations Noise – Dronestruck
  Rations Noise – Consoles
  Rations Noise – Cont’d Litany

Pressing Information:
  250 black vinyl w/matte jackets & obi-toppers

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