TJR046: SULLEST “Fashionable Male” Cassette

Split release with Squid Amps Collective

Sullest is a 4-piece punk band from Providence, RI. Sonically, their influences are worn on their sleeve. The guitar work and vocal harmonies pay homage to bands like Torche and Floor while some parts lock into more droney 90s alt rock feel a la Hum. Members of Sullest have spent time in many Providence-based projects including: weakteeth, Math the Band the Band, Good Lord, and Bloodpheasant. When all of their projects seemed to be slowing down, Mike Pagano approached guitarist Ashley Anderson (Good Lord) to help flesh out some riffs he had written. Eventually adding drummer Neil King (Bloodpheasant, Math the Band the Band) and bassist Jon Pagano (weak teeth), the band was ready to enter the studio and record their debut. Fashionable Male is five tracks full of introspection and nostalgia spun around dueling guitar leads, rich vocal harmonies, and precision drumming. It was engineered and mixed by Jared Mann at Distorted Forest and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air. It is being released on cassette, as a split release through Tor Johnson Records and the Squid Amps Collective.

Track Listing:
  All My Shit’s At TJ’s
  I Never Know What’s Going On
  Screamer Of The Week

Pressing Information:
  100 clear red glitter cassettes

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