TJR048: CITIZEN’S UNREST “Demo Tapes: 1999-2002” Cassette

Citizen’s Unrest dominated the Providence punk scene in the early 00’s. The only “official” release was a Gorilla Biscuits cover on the first Tor Johnson Records release in 2002. This year, 2019, they have decided to do a reunion show to celebrate what would be 20 years of friendship. Tor Johnson has decided to unleash their 2 demo recordings out to the world as a snapshot of a forgotten time. A time of friends, circle pits, and sing alongs.

Track Listing:
  No Place To Go
  We Don’t Give A Fuck
  American Pig Dog
  Where’s The Violence
  Skateboard Holocaust
  The Only One
  All Systems Stop
  Broken Glass
  Banned From The Light
  Breaking Free originally released on TJR001

Pressing Information:
  100 solid yellow cassettes

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