TJR049: SNEEZE “.fin.” LP

Split release with Midnight Werewolf

Since 2010, 3 piece Boston band Sneeze has offered a trademark blend of heavy grunge/punk with catchy pop hooks. On “.fin.”, their 3rd LP, Sneeze shows a more polished and dynamic sound than ever before. With all three members having honed their craft in bands like L’antietam, Ape Up, Forn, and more; Sneeze are no strangers to rock & roll. Something easily witnessed in this record. Recorded at Sonelab with Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Speedy Ortiz, Kindling) and Mastered by Carl Saff.

Track Listing:
  Grey Neon
  Not In Service
  Fog Of Warsaw
  The Northern Lift
  A Winter In Barcelona
  Dark Earth
  La Ville Rose
  Mist Of San Martino
  Social Abrasion

Pressing Information:
  5 test presses
  1 mint chocolate vinyl   
21 splatter (Limited To One Record Store exclusive)
  49 coke clear vinyl (Tor Johnson Records exclusive)
  53 forest green vinyl (Midnight Werewolf exclusive)
  51 gold vinyl (Sneeze exclusive)
  325 black

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