TJR051: CYTTORAK “Simultaneous Invocation Of Apocalyptic Harbringers” Cassette

  Hail the Daedra and die. Cyttorak adds another level of sonic destruction with the addition of guitarist Eric Saylor [ex-Landmine Marathon] on their second EP. Adding even more powerviolence vocals to the sludge along with more crust and Bolt Thrower-tinged guitar riffs. Prepare for a new era of crushing annihilation.

Track Listing:
  Planets Between His Teeth
  Royal Shokan Dismemberment
  Draconic Progeny Seething With Malice
  Gargantuan Reptilian Punisher
  Athena Dragged To Fiery Depths
  Domination Lord Of Coldharbour

Pressing Information:
  100 blue tint cassette shells

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