Split release with Killer Tofu Records, Chumpire Records, & sncl Records

After a string of excellent EPs, King Slender have released their first full-length effort, Gold Days. Imagine if Drive Like Jehu tried to make a Portraits of Past worship record. Vicious, yet straight ahead, the band fires on all cylinders with songs that strike a focused, critical attack. Three vocalists and a two guitar onslaught with riffs that realize the urgency and depth of what makes emotional hardcore such a vital genre of music.

Track Listing:
  Clock Museum
  Double Dribble
  True Sin
  Adult Water Ice
  Half Priced

Pressing Information:
  10 test presses
  46 clear vinyl (Chumpire exclusive)
  55 transparent red vinyl (Tor Johnson Records exclusive/10 Limited To One Record Store exclusive with alternate packaging)
  52 transparent green vinyl (Killer Tofu Records exclusive)
  51 transparent gold vinyl (band exclusive)
  296 black

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