TJR056: NORTHEAST REGIONAL “Brand Managers Of The Mid-Atlantic” LP

  Northeast Regional dares to ask, “What if Sonny Kay sang for Toys That Kill trying to cover The Lemonheads?” If that makes sense to you, then this record is for you. Jeff Byers (Best Practices, REPS) boils 8 years of recordings down to 17 tracks on this single LP. The styles flow seamlessly from abrasive yet catchy power punk anthems to slowed down post-punk dirges and everything in between. Played by ex members of bands that mostly played for exposure (Wow Owls, Weak Teeth, The Sniffs, etc.) but recorded, produced, and mastered by screamo A-listers (Steve Roche, Nate Dominy, Will Killingsworth). FFO: Tenement, Lungfish, Militarie Gun, Oso Oso.

Track Listing:
  Staple Mill Station
  Union Station
  30th St Station
  Providence Station
  South Station
  Books Are Heavy
  The Weatherman
  Unit 105
  Public Transit To Yr Heart
  Out Of Pocket Costs
  Fort Greene
  Chapin To Bellevue

Pressing Information:
  10 test presses
  100 blue vinyl w/red swirl vinyl

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