TJR057: DONE “Aged & Untreated” Cassette

 Having cut their teeth in more bands than you can shake a stick at, Done are both a reaction and a provocation to the ebb and flow of heavy music in Boston. They are equal parts His Hero is Gone and Boston hardcore with a spritz of 2nd wave black metal. On paper you’ll go “Oh I know exactly what this sounds like” yet it feels fresh, like a recently opened cut. Crafted and performed with a ferocity that only age and dismay can produce. They are unfortunately still here, and angry about it.

Track Listing:
  Dance For Them
  The Wall In Every Door
  Cop Does Drugs
  To Curt On Waverly
  Oh Eight To Oh Twelve
  Sleeping Drunk
  I Fucking Hate Thinking About You
  Land Between Rules, Boston Drools
  Off My Hands
  Hope Trickle

Pressing Information:
  50 black tapes (20th Anniversary Subscriber exclusive)
  100 white tapes

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