TJR059-1: TRAGWAG “Failure” 7″

Tragwag is the longtime project of songwriter Tyler Bisson (Dear Pines, Night Witch), now featuring a loud electric band. We draw influence from the 90s emo/punk era like Jimmy Eat World, Rainer Maria, and The Weakerthans. this is the first single from the new tragwag record, it’s called Failure and features the amazing Carly from Slingshot Dakota on backing vocals. It’s about learning from your mistakes and forgiving yourself as you make something new out of the broken parts. Super limited run of 52 copies available only to TJR 20th Anniversary Subscribers. Stereo lathe cut, screenprinted and yellow marble painted B side.

Track Listing:

Pressing Information:
  52 clear lathe cut 7″ with yellow marble and screen printed b-side

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