TJR059: TRAGWAG “How Nothing Works” LP

Tragwag is the longtime project of songwriter Tyler Bisson (Dear Pines, Night Witch), now featuring a loud electric band. We draw influence from the 90s emo/punk era like Jimmy Eat World, Rainer Maria, and The Weakerthans. “How Nothing Works” is the latest in a batch of albums that have defined the new straight ahead punk-turned indie rock style for us. Throughout the album I re-examined a high school party, mourned the loss of neighborhood trees, and grappled with my own memory multiple times throughout the songs. I wrote these songs between 2019-2022, starting out in my cinder block walled apartment, and demoing in a hot shed in Tallahassee FL. I hope the songs bring you a spark of comfort, a moment of feeling less alone, or the release of singing along loud. This laser disc lathe cut LPs are a labor of love. Cut by Tyler himself at Audio Geography Studios and housed in jackets printed by Teeth Like Swords Printing, these are true DIY masterpieces.

Track Listing:
  Beautiful Out
  Never Be Me
  Your First Cigarette
  I Know
  Coming Back To Life
  She Went Into The Bay
  If You Ask Me
  Say What’s Unsaid
  Dollar General Bonus Track

Pressing Information:
  50 lathe cut laser discs

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