TJR060: THERE WERE WIRES “Live Wires” 10″

This 5 song performance featuring the earliest TWW lineup was recorded live on 2/17/2002 at 88.9 WERS; the radio station of Emerson College in Boston. The ferocious live set was originally included as a bonus on TWW’s self titled CD, released by Iodine in 2002. Now with new artwork, Tor Johnson Records have made it available as an ultra limited (60 copies) one-sided, screenprinted, clear 10″ lathe-cut record, complete with screened packaging. Made exclusively for the reunion shows in 2023.

Track Listing:
Lukewarm Happy
Cru Jones
The Hours   
It Will Be Better Than The Rest Of Your Life
The Physics Of Air Hockey

Pressing Information:
  60 clear 10″ lathe cuts with screen printed b-side

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