TJR062: Sliimo Cassette

Coming to you straight from the Smuggler’s Moon of Nar Shadaa, the debut release of the Star Wars themed band SLIIMO is out now on Tor Johnson Records. Consisting of four members brought together by a mutual distaste for the Hutt clan, they travel the mid and outer rim playing music in clubs and hubs while delivering goods and completing bounties in their B-7 light freighter, the Skuzzy Gusha (the Lucky Scurrier). Blending sludge, stoner, and power, this metal band is accompanied by a gravelly vocal performance sung entirely in Huttese, this debut EP is a must have for any metal or sci-fi fan. Limited to 100 “space glitter” cassettes and housed in a DVD style clamshell case, pick it up now before you need to buy it from the Zann Consortium. Chowbasa Ootmian (welcome outlander); the galaxy awaits!

Track Listing:
Tee Tocky Sa Locktulla
Puffee Hoopa
Grandio Lorda
Oto Andoba
Bor Gullet

Pressing Information:
  100 “space glitter” cassettes in DVD clamshell packaging

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