Old Enough To Drink, New Website

  • Over the course of our 21 years we’ve had angelfire sites, full raw html websites, and more. With everyone looking at this shit on your phone, we thought it was time to switch to something more versatile. Hopefully this wordpress works!! Hopefully this also means we’ll update more. Check it out, let us know if something needs updating.
  • We’ve been pretty quiet so far this year. We came out of the gate swinging with the Northeast Regional LP and the King Slender LP, then the special There Were Wires lathe cut, but otherwise not much in terms of announcements. A lot of that has to do with the state of pressing plants and turnaround times. We don’t want people to get excited about something….and then it doesn’t come out for MONTHS. So, let’s update you on some stuff:
    • So, at the plant right now….Northeast Regional is back at it again!! This time with a 3 song 7″. We’re keeping it limited too. So be on the look out for that.
    • New PVD band Sliimo has a tape at the plant too. Sliimo is a Star Wars based metal band featuring guys from all sorts of bands around town you know……and the singer sings in Huttenise…..so there’s that.
    • We are working with long time friends Timeshares on a vinyl release of all their digital EPs released during the pandemic called The Retro City Sessions!! We’ve been trying to work with Timeshares for YEARS only to have different projects fall through. This is so exciting to work with them on this. They are re-recording some parts and then we’ll be remastering the whole thing.
    • We will be working with Midnight Werewolf on reissuing L’Antietam record Arthur Carr! So excited to give this record the same treatment we gave the Furnace record. Fresh artwork, fresh distribution, reunion shows???…..we’ll see.
    • Last but not least, we are HONORED to be working with new NC band Brözerker! This band features current/former members of Guyana Punch Line, Stretch Armstrong, Wretched, and more. I’m so excited to bring their brand of surf thrash to vinyl. We’re planning a one-sided LP with screenprinted b-side…and some insane artwork! Keep an eye on that!!
  • As always, thank you so much for your continued support. Check out the ever-growing webstore. Every purchase helps us keep putting out fun stuff for your ears.

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