Sliimo EP Available Now!!!

It’s officially here! Release day for the debut EP from Sliimo!! Sliimo is a new metal band on the Providence scene that plays a mix of sludge, stoner, power metal, and doom; all through the lens of the Star Wars universe!! The combination of metal and nerd culture is not new, but these guys take it to a whole new level. They are not playing Star Wars theme songs, they are taking the idea of “what if we were actual people existing in the Star Wars universe, and made music”. Limited to 100 “space glitter” cassette tapes, housed in a DVD clamshell style case, this release is for nerds of all type and anyone that likes to bang their head!

“Coming to you straight from the Smuggler’s Moon of Nar Shadaa, Sliimo has arrived with a new brand of intergalactic metal. Consisting of four members brought together by a mutual distaste for the Hutt clan, they travel the mid and outer rim playing music in clubs and hubs while delivering goods and completing bounties in their B-7 light freighter, the Skuzzy Gusha (the Lucky Scurrier). Blending sludge, stoner, and power, this metal band is accompanied by a gravelly vocal performance sung entirely in Huttese, Sliimo has taken all the sounds gaining popularity in the basements & warehouses of the Outter Rim to make it all their own. Chowbasa Ootmian (welcome outlander); the galaxy awaits!”

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