First Look: Salem Wolves “So Desperate”

We are so excited to officially announce this release and give you all the first look/listen. This summer we are going to be releasing a new record by PVD locals Salem Wolves called “The Psychotron Speaks” on cassette. This record was recorded with the amazing Jay Maas in 2023 and explores the underside within the old world of territory wrestling. Seriously, it’s a full-blown concept record inspired by one of the great forgotten wrestlers and wrestling territories of the 1980s – Danny Morton Jr., aka The Stranger, and the Southland Wrestling Association (SWA). And we are going all out with this one. There will be a deluxe version with sealed trading card packs, screen printed o-card, massive zine with the full story, and more!! Until then, the first single “So Desperate” will be dropping next week!! Click the pre-save link and be the first to hear it!

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